2Z6Z3659-sw-kl-ALThe man from Mecklenburg, Germany; Andre Lehmann has been behind the turntables and producing music since 1996.

With releases on Damm-Records, FEE, M.M.A.D., Pearl Diver, or Cubetribe records he was in the top 10 of the record stores and is a frequent Dj at International house and techno events. As a producer and creator behind the Electro Live Project Audiopunkz he now reflects his house and techno roots with .

Tracks – suppord by:
SLAM, Stephan Bodzin, The Advent, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ascii Disco, Ellen Allien, AKA AKA, Richie Hawtin, Hanne & Lore, Dole and Kom, Oliver Schories, Nico Pusch, Mano Meter, Glanz and Ledwa, TURM 3, Rich Vom Dorf, Bukaddor and Fishbeck, Andre Kronert, Lucio Malatoid, Sascha Kösch aka bleed, Beatamines, Dachshund, Flamen, Das Fachpersonal,

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